True Tere

First Impressions

Tere, star of TrueTere, is a Mexican teen model and she’s utterly gorgeous. She actually looks like a supermodel with her long and thin body, big lips, and perfectly shaped face. Her eyes are gorgeous as well; I can’t spot a flaw on this beautiful babe. Her Latina heritage gives her an exotic, sensual look that contributes to the supermodel thing she’s got going on. She can also work the cute look; I like a woman that’s versatile.

Hot Promises

Tere is 19 and has been running her site for just over a year now. The preview images promise lots of elegant, sexy looking picture galleries, a mix of cute American outfits and traditional Mexican wear, and a lot of Tere’s body in front of the camera. It looks as though the site is strictly solo; no lesbian friends or hardcore sex here. There are a lot of hot butt shots though, and everybody can get excited about that.

Round Up

After logging in to TrueTere I was shuttled to the member’s area where I was surprised to see a list of 17 bonus sites that I get access to. Further down the page was a listing of the most recent video and picture updates. New picture galleries are added every three days and while the videos were at one time being added every week it’s been a month since the last update. That’s it for the front page; everything is just advertisements for other teen sites.

Scrolling back up to the top I located the nav bar, which is nicely laid out and very easy to use, and visited the pictures pages. The tour page claimed more than 16,000 photos in the member’s area, but I get the feeling that it hasn’t been updated in a long time. There are at least 20,000 images spread across 400-450 galleries. The galleries are organized by month; click the month you want and you’ll be able to browse all the picture updates made during that time. A typical month features 9-12 galleries so you’ll have an awful lot of months to get through.

It’s important to note that Tere is a non nude model, so if you’re looking for bare tits you’ll have to look somewhere else. Don’t turn away just because she’s non nude though, this girl has a lot to show you. The key to a non nude site is that they pick sexy, revealing clothes to pose in so that you’re getting as close to nude as possible without actually seeing any nipple. One of the strongest aspects of a site like this is the tease factor; you can let your imagination do the hard work while Tere poses in a tight bikini. It can actually be more of a turn on than you might imagine.

Tere is quite fond of bikinis and a great many of her galleries feature hot bikini modeling. She also has a huge supply of lingerie, plenty of sexy dresses, tight tank tops, short shorts, skirts, and more that she trots out on a weekly basis. You’ll never see the same outfit repeated and you’ll always see her hot body looking its best. One very important note: In the September 2004 galleries you’ll notice that Tere’s breasts suddenly become quite a bit larger than before. Given their roundness and firmness it’s a certainty that she purchased breast implants for herself. She was super flat before them though, so it was a worthy purchase and the galleries after the implants are all much hotter for it.

Tere has also stocked her member’s area with video clips. There are 128 video scenes, some of which are broken up into multiple clips. The length of the scenes ranges from 3-8 minutes depending on how frisky she’s feeling. The longer clips are broken up into two separate parts and uploaded on different days. The video scenes offer a more intimate look into Tere’s life and personality, which is their greatest strength. You can watch her paint, which is a hobby of hers, or get ready to go to the beach, or hang out with a friend of hers. You can also watch as she dances like a stripper, poses in hot lingerie, and models her new bikinis for you.

As I mentioned earlier a membership to TrueTere comes with bonus access to 17 teen sites. Most of these are solo model sites like KylieTeen and IvySummer, but you’ll also find a lesbian site and two multi model sites that will thrill you. Also included is a friends section that gives you free galleries for a large selection of teen models. They’re basically advertisements for the girls, but free is free, so enjoy.

It’s hard to pick favorites from all the great content on the site, but there are a few galleries that stood out to me more than any other. The first is a hot set from February 2007 where Tere poses in a pink and black lingerie set. She looks utterly amazing, and it also comes in video. The second is a high school girl set where she’s wearing a pleated skirt, argyle socks, and a shirt tied under her breasts. Simply amazing.

Croco’s Opinion

Tere was a model quality babe when she founded her site. When she went out and got herself breast implants it only improved the quality of the site, which was already pretty high. Now you have a couple hundred galleries on each side of the equation, which means fans of both can have lots to look at. Tere is damn near the perfect teen model and I would recommend her site to anyone.


Navigating the member’s area is almost flawless. The content sections are clearly labeled, browsing the galleries is simple, and everything loads quickly. The only downside is that sometimes the picture galleries are split into multiple parts and end up in different months, which causes needless extra hunting on your part.

Pricing Policy

A 30 day membership costs $29.95 when billing by credit card, check, or anonymously through NetCash. You can also pay by phone, which is a little pricier at $34.95. The best deal is to sign up for 90 days and pay only $59.95. Everything is recurring except for the phone billing.

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